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Education Research & Studies

We worked hard during research and development to create a product in Horace Hopper that would help kids learn. Our process included education research in schools, as well as research studies to back our products. Here, you’ll find the outcome of that research.

Research Results

Using Music to Increase Child Outcomes In Math and Language/Literacy (Summer 2001, MS Word document)
Preliminary Report (April 2004, MS Word document)
The Outcomes of the Use of Music Software by Students with Significant Disabilities (Summer 2004, MS Word document)

Kirkpatrick Research Study

A Kirkpatrick Research Study shows Horace Hopper students 48% higher in Math skills. Dr. Cristee Jenlilnk, Chair of Educational Development and Leadership at Northeastern State University, has published the findings of a 5-month research study of preschoolers using the Horace Hopper Musical Adventures in a Tulsa Head Start program. 4-year-olds enrolled in the Horace Hopper music system experienced a 48% gain in math skills over the children who did not participate in the program. The 3-years-old group achieved a 9.1% gain in math and as 23.5% gain in language and linguistics over the control group.

In an August 4 article in the Tulsa World newspaper, Dr. Jenlink states, “It’s a tremendous result that has been shown in spite of the fact we found things that could be done better. Jenlink said “It (Horace Hopper) uses visual representation, storytelling and imagery more than other programs available. There is also an auditory element, and those sounds greatly appeal to ages 3-11.”

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