Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

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A Musical Adventure Program That Introduces Music Through Learning Games

Smith the Penguine, Dr. String& Diana the Dinosaur Help With the Memory Training Program

Smith the Penguin, Dr. String & Diana the Dinosaur

"Hello, I'm Smith the Penguin! Hi, I'm Diana the Dinosaur! I'm Horace Hopper, as in Grasshopper".

If you and your child will spend 15 minutes a day with our musical adventure program, in 3 months we will make the music for (imaginary) TV shows set in the Rocky Mountains, the Moon, a Cave next to the Grand Canyon, Scotland, and other great places.

"Musical Painting Adventures"

Learning With Our Musical Adventure Program

Horace Hopper Interactive Musical Learning Images

Adventure With Horace & His Friends

Stimulate your child’s imagination by acting out adventures with puppets made from two old socks and paste-on features. Additionally, our music serves as a great memory training program. Together, you’ll travel through an introduction to music and play a wide range of learning games with Horace Hopper, Smith the Penguin, Dr. String, and Diana the Dinosaur.

These adventures will help your child improve:

  1. Memory
  2. Ear Training
  3. Pitch Recognition
  4. Listening Skills
  5. Counting
  6. Fine motor Skills

Horace Hopper is backed by research funded by Kravis, Kirkpatrick, Bartelmus, Greenwood Foundation and Oklahoma Arts Foundation. They were monitored and published by Dr. Christee Jenlink, Associate Dean of Education, Professor of Education at Northwestern State University of Oklahoma. All you need to get started is Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures, a piano or keyboard, and a CD player. Now you and your child are ready to begin an adventure with our interactive musical learning!

…an imaginative approach: dramatic stories and innovative simple songs a young child can immediately play. The performer will be delighted in the "Adventures" they create with sound.

Janell Whitby
Nationally Recognized Teacher Of Preschool Music

*See and hear how the Horace team teaches your child to play interactively. Use a keyboard or piano.*

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Here's a Sample From
"The Greatest Snow on Earth",
Our First Adventure — Try This


Here's a Sample From
"Polka Dots and Moonbeans",
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Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures Software in CD-ROM

What’s Included:

The original Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures includes piano instruction using a CD player, keyboard, and storyboard. This interactive introduction to music consists of 12 fascinating lessons (one per week) on three full audio CDs. No computer is necessary for our musical adventure program. This program is excellent for all children including developmentally-challenged, ages 3-11.

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