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Dance & Sleep to Horace’s Music

You’ve never heard anything this imaginative for infants and young children. Watch your baby dance and sing along with the music or put them to sleep with quieter sleep music. “Baby Dance, Baby Sleep” is a great option for parents of young children and will help you teach them and calm them for bed or nap time. 

This is perfect for day-care centers, home-schooling, and pre-schools.

Baby Dance CD

The CD

“Baby Dance, Baby Sleep” is a baby music CD featuring a unique blend of digitally edited baby sounds and full orchestrations. It is one of the most amazing early listening CDs ever recorded and winner of the 10 Best Audio CDs of the Year by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. or “Dr. Toy.”

"Not only do the young ones respond to the familiar sounds they hear with movement and joyful expressions, but I believe they sleep more restfully without waking at every sound and they wake more pleasantly. I haven't found any other device with comparable results."

Stephanie P.
Mother and Teacher

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